September Count House Meet

Cathy Woodhead

A mixed 2 weeks of weather​, but we all had a fantastic time. A top score of 35 people attended for some of the time – 1 AC member. John Cleare and Ian Howell came along for the 2nd week and we all enjoyed his singing of some Tom Patey’s climbing songs on our music night.

A great variety of routes were completed, including Land’s End Long Climb, Bosigran Ridge and a lot of easier and harder routes on the other well known crags. Tides were good for climbing on the 2nd week at Chair Ladder

A successful barbecue was cut short by rain, but the food was fantastic. Several people went to the Minack Theatre to see ‘A Country Wife’. A 15th century romp about infidelity – fantastic costumes and an amazing orange moon.

Two lads, Mathew and Micheal went scuba diving and bought back loads of fish. 2 people – who shall be nameless-swam costume free at Treen beach (well known nudist beach). Thanks to everybody who came – one of the best, and we look forward to next year. The hut was in excellent condition, thanks to Rob Seymour for all his hard work and dedication.

Ruth and Ron Chambers

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