Pop-up Lliwedd Meet

Main routes on Llwedd

If you fancy climbing on Lliwedd on a dry day (or two), after a dry spell, then this is the meet for you. I will contact people who have expressed an interest when an ideal weather pattern is in train and see who is available. Classic, atmospheric climbs with great views and convivial company, followed by fizzy drinks and a picnic. Accommodation to be fixed when date is fixed. Hopefully this will be a joint CC/Pinnacle Club meet

The club maintains the guidebook for this classic crag but I suspect it doesn’t get many visits from us. There are some some great and atmospheric climbs, but to enjoy (as opposed to endure) climbing there you really need a few days of settled weather to let it dry out a bit, and warmth in the air as it doesn’t get much sunshine until late in the day.

This invite is for ‘expressions of interest’ from people who would be interested in going there in ‘ideal’ conditions, whether to do one of the classics or one of the VSs. If you let me have your name, and whether you would prefer a weekend or can manage some weekdays then when the conditions look right I will circulate you all to see if you are available at what will no doubt be short notice.

If you are interested then please contact me via email Val Hennelly – if not logged in details are in the Handbook.

Val Hennelly

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