Family Meet Report 2017

Flo at Haldrine

It was yet another successful meet this year with at some stages over 40 people attending the meet at any one time over the fortnight. We had mixed weather, but were still able to get out and climb most days, we might have a day wandering around St. Ives in the pouring rain, but still unbelievably were able to do a route in the evening on Bosigran. Due to the unpredictable weather, not many people were able to push their grades and so the usual classics saw repeat ascents.

The meet continues to have a great following with many of the children feeling very passionately about their stay at the Count House. Some of the teenagers have been known to count down the days until they are back in Cornwall and it is definitely booked in the family calendar from one year to the next. This year we were also pleased to welcome a range of new families – both those with small babies and also families with teenagers. Everyone seems to be welcomed into the ‘fold’ and soon seems to be appreciating the favourite pastimes of the Pancake ‘competition’, playing up at the ruins or taking the mick out of Iain Peters!

Iain Peters takes great delight,
And will argue long into the night,
On his own private mission,
Telling all who will listen,
That his angle is really not shite.

Was there a grain of truth in his claim?
So despite the risk of light rain
Paul and I went to climb
The alleged magical line
And we’ll never go back there again.

Ben Pearce

We had two communal meals during the meet including a hastily organised barbeque. Matt kindly bought a selection of meat and people put in a contribution – the profit going to Daisy Peters charity fundraising in aid of Hospiscare. Her money raising project in memory of her Mum.

Quotes from the girls:-
I thought it was one of the best meets, lots of new people came and I loved the communal BBQ and pancake competition. All in all it was a great meet – will definitely come next year.

The most chaotic meet since 2008 and the busiest.

We were again hugely indebted to Rob Seymour (Count House custodian) and all his team for the excellent job they have done to improve the building over the last year. We look forward to seeing the results of all the developments next year when we return.

Astrid Saxby

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