Count House, Bosigran

Temporary the max occupancy is 20 beds until further notice

The Count House

The Count House

Occupying a superb setting between the road and Bosigran Crag (10 minutes walk), the Count House is a most beautiful granite building. Originally built for a local mine, it is now the only climbing hut in Cornwall. Its situation is perfect for climbing on the North Coast.

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  • Grid ref: SW 422 365
  • Post Code: TR20 8YX
  • Lat/Lon: 50° 10’20 N – 05° 36’42 W
  • Situated on the St. Ives to Lands End road, 600m east of Rosemergy Farm, 12km from Penzance
  • Accommodation for Temporary restricted to 20 (5 rooms 12, 6, 4, 12 & 3); 12 places may be booked by other clubs. Non-member parties may only occupy Rooms 1, 2 and 3; Rooms 4 and 5 are reserved for members only 15 places. By prior arrangement with the Hut Booking Secretary Room 5 can be booked by non-CC parties which include at least one ambulatory disabled person.
  • The hut is reserved for the exclusive use of members and reciprocal rights club members during July and August.
  • Camping available for 7 small mountain tents members and their three guests only.
  • Members may book one of the following 2 family rooms – during school Holidays the party must include under 18’s:
  • Room 2 – 6 beds
  • Room 3 – 4 beds
  • Room 5 which sleeps 3 is available for ambulatory disabled persons by prior agreement with the Hut Booking Secretary.
  • No pets allowed in the hut

Custodian: Robert Seymour eMail Custodian

To notify the custodian of maintenance issues use Contact Form.

Hut Booking: Click to view Calendar and Book

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New Count House Car Park Lock (updated 19/4/2013)
How to unlock the gate at the top of the driveway

The gate at the top of the driveway is kept locked (cattle are grazing along the road and they (and other uninvited visitors) need to be prevented from getting in). Ensure the gate is locked again with the padlock, especially when you go out for the day and when you leave the Count House at the end of your stay. The locked gateway can now be opened with your key fob. Pedestrian access is through the small unlocked gate to the right, go through this and you will see a metal box attached to the back of the gatepost. The door is opened by lifting the central latch and drawing the bolt to the left.

The main SALTO electronic padlock is to the right inside the box. At the bottom of the lock is a black flat-bottomed cylinder containing the lock mechanism. To open the lock, bring either face of the SALTO key fob up into close proximity with the bottom face of the lock cylinder. You should hear a slight noise and observe a light flashing round the bottom rim of the cylinder as the mechanism unlocks. While the mechanism is open, rotate the black cylinder anti-clockwise about a half-turn and the shackle at the top of the padlock will pop out. You might find it takes two hands to do this.

When the padlock is open, withdraw the shackle from the retaining bolt entering the box from the right hand side. The lock is fixed with a chain but please try to avoid banging it around as it may become damaged. The retaining bolt can then be withdrawn from the sleeve and the gate opened.

To lock the gate: re-insert the retaining bolt into the hole in the side of the box. It goes in one way only. When the retaining bolt is fully inserted, the eye of the retaining bolt will line up with a hole through the sleeve inside. The shackle of the padlock can be inserted and the padlock closed. It locks itself automatically.

DANGER: It is dangerous to bathe in Porthmoina Cove and at many other places along the coast, particularly when there is a sea running. Porthmoina Island is designated as a ‘sanctuary site’, and it requested that climbers respect the voluntary ban and keep off the island.

Download Count House History


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