Selected Climbs South West

Originally, South-West Climbs, published in 1979 by Diadem, was a single-volume publication and was a collaboration between one of the South West’s most prolific and important activists, Pat Littlejohn, and one of the most influential of British Publishers, Ken Wilson.

This rapidly became very popular and introduced many climbers to the joys and pleasures of the sometimes mysterious and occasionally remote south-west peninsula of England.

For this new and fully revised edition, the climbs of the South West have been split into two volumes.

VOLUME I – Gloucestershire, Somerset and Dorset

Arms Race (Avon Gorge, E4) Arthur Bernard - Photo Mark Davies

Arms Race (Avon Gorge, E4) Arthur Bernard – Photo Mark Davies

Volume 1 is intended to showcase the area of Gloucestershire, Somerset and Dorset and act as an introduction to the area covered by several Climbers’ Club definitive guides of the area. It covers areas close to the centres of population such as the Avon Gorge, Wye Valley and Dorset. It has been written by a talented team of local activists.

  • South West Climbs Vol I Edited by Paul Robertson (2012)
  • Martin Crocker, Mark Davies, Gordon Jenkin, Brian Mullan, James Parrott, Guy Percival, Paul Robertson, Rick Sewards, Steve Taylor, Scott Titt, John Willson
  • Artwork by Mark Davies and Don Sargeant
  • 464 pages of text, maps and photodiagrams

ISBN 978-0-901601-94-0

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VOLUME II – Devon, Cornwall and the Granite Isles

Immaculate Arête (Pordenack Point) Paul Harrison photo: David Simmonite

Immaculate Arête (Pordenack Point) Paul Harrison photo: David Simmonite

Volume 2, covers the Granite of West Penwith, Dartmoor, the Channel Islands and Lundy – the guide also covers the North Cornish and North Devon coasts. Written by Pat Littlejohn with ‘a little help from his friends’ this new guide describes some of the most adventurous climbing to be found in the British Isles and together with its counterpart, South West Climbs: Volume 1 provides the visiting climber to the area a wealth of top-quality routes to go at.

  • South West Climbs Vol II Edited by Paul Robertson (2014)
  • Pat Littlejohn with sections by Martin Crocker
  • Artwork by Don Sargeant and Mark Davies
  • 412 pages of text, maps and photodiagrams

ISBN 978-0-901601-98-8

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