Mina Leslie-Wujastyk’s talk after the AGM

Mina’s talk will draw on her past and current climbing endeavours to explore the concepts of motivation, trying hard and cultivating determination for goals. Using her current goal of Rainshadow (9a) as a narrative, she will delve into these concepts and share her thoughts on finding a healthy and fun journey towards success.

Mina started climbing when she was 8 while living in India. She was a little monkey on the climbing frame at school; all possible time was spent on the steel frame we called the “Jungle Jim”. When they moved back to the UK, games progressed to climbing around the house – her favourite game was trying to climb around the house and into every room to touch the far wall, all without touching the floor!

Although only young these games impacted on the furniture, and seeing her love for general scampering, Mum and Dad decided to find out if “climbing” was a thing. It was from this moment that she began climbing in the more normal way. Climbing began inside but she soon ventured out onto the rocks in the Peak District, Portland and Fontainbleau as a teenager. The rest, as they say, is history….Mina loves climbing outside, going on trips and travelling.

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