Web Site Archives

The Climbers’ Club has been concerned that in this internet age some of the records of our activities will be lost. In the past much of what the club and its members achieved was recorded on paper and has now been archived at the Caernarfon Records OfficeThis will still continue but as we move more and more to the internet via the web site and the Members Forum there is a danger that a considerable amount will be lost. Our Honorary Archivist and Web Manager are currently investigating ways of providing both archives of web activity and important Forum discussions.

To start the process we discovered that an organisation web.archive.org has been taking snapshots of our site since 1998. Your Web Manager has complete copies of the site taken at the turn of each year since 2006. The British Library have agreed to archive our web site for the future.

ukwa From the 19th October 2010 the British Library have taken snapshots and are archiving our web site every 6 months. Some features and external links will not work.Take a look – Climbers’ Club in the UK Web Archive Providedby

The images below will take you to reconstructed snapshots of each generation of our web site since its inception. The Members only areas have been removed and external links disabled. In some cases the images and maps have been reproduced as the orginals were not available in the archive. These archived web sites area hosted on web sites owned by your Web Manager.

First CC web site 1998-2000
Initiated by Steve Andrews & Mark Vallance, managed by Mike Pearce

Second generation 2000-2004
managed by Ian (Blue) Gray
Third generation 2004-2007
managed by Al Downie
Forth generation 2007-2009
managed by Tony Scott
Fifth generation 2009-2014 managed by Tony Scott
Current site managed by Tony Scott
The Current web site was designed in 2013 by Pete Sterling using WordPress as a modern platform. It was launched in 2014.