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The process of joining the Climbers’ Club is pretty simple and available on-line as the preferred route; like many other clubs we ask you to complete a short form and have a couple of current members propose and second you. You can click here to see examples of the membership application forms we use. Click to see an example completed application. Don’t worry if you don’t know any members, all you need to do is come along to these meets so that you can meet members who can then propose and second your application (contact the Meet Coordinator for any of the Aspirant Meets – contact details can be found within the meet information here.). We have special Aspirant Meets which are specifically aimed at ensuring that you can meet a range of members and we recommend that you come to one if possible. We must be doing something right as our membership grows year on year and it is extremely rare for a member to resign from the club!  There is no age limit for membership nor is there any limit on the total number of members; provided that you, your proposer and seconder follow our guidance notes and advice, your application will be successful. Click here to see the Club Rules.

Membership is open to any enthusiastic and competent rock-climber or mountaineer who is experienced at leading adventurous climbs; we are not a club for novices or the inexperienced. The idea of an adventurous climb is linked to a combination of factors in addition to the grade; for example the length of a climb, the availability of protection or its location (e.g. high mountain, remote, inescapable, difficult access or descent). Multi-pitch sports route can be adventurous such as “Wings for Life” on Telendos (Kalymnos); it is long, relatively remote certainly difficult to escape from and with a good hike over the top and down to the bar!

Each application is considered on its own overall merits and it is really important that you give us a clear picture of your climbing experience; we will take into account your leading grade, preferred climbing style, breadth and depth of experience and the geographical range of your climbing. We no longer suggest specific minimum leading grades as we found they artificially restricted applicants and we do not wish to have a “jump through the hoops” application process. There are no secret membership criteria, all the criteria are published on this website; see FAQs and if you feel that you still need more information or would like to discuss specific aspects of your application don’t hesitate to contact our Membership Secretary

This flow chart shows the membership process and we look forward to hearing from you! PLEASE NOTE: Your proposer and seconder must have been in the CC for over 2 years and not be related to you.

NB. We wish all applications to be made on line, if this is a problem please discuss the application with our membership secretary. Click to request Applicant’s Login


Climbers’ Club FAQ

If you cannot find the answer to your question please ask a question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

About the Climbers’ Club

  • What is the Climbers’ Club?
  • The Climbers' Club is a club for experienced and competent climbers and mountaineers. We strongly support the traditional British approach to climbing which is often now simply called "Trad".
  • How long has the Climbers’ Club been in existence?
  • The Club was formed in 1898 to bring together active climbers, this is still our purpose.
  • As a long established club how does the Climbers’ Club remain progressive?
  • The CC continually reviews all of its activities to ensure they remain relevant to experienced climbers. For example we published the first ever pocket guidebook to climbs in 1909 (complete with topo’s and photo-diagrams!) and have been at the forefront of guidebook production ever since; the most recent guidebook publications compare with the very best in the world; our Journal is a world-class publication; club huts are maintained to modern hut standards; this web site is updated on a daily basis along with use of latest social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter; we have a developing mobile device capability available through the Apple App Store.  In short we examine what we do and if it is not fit for purpose it gets replaced.
  • How many members does the Climbers’ Club have?
  • Current membership stands at around 1700 including a who's who of Britain's greatest climbers past and present. If you want some information on any unusual climbing area there will likely be someone who has been there, done it, and will freely share their experience.
  • Where is the Climbers’ Club based?
  • The Club has always been a national club and as such it is not based in any specific area. Members are found throughout the UK and beyond and there are many active regional groups. Our eight club huts are a focus for activities.
  • What does the Climbers’ Club do?
  • In addition to allowing members to network and find climbing partners the Club manages eight huts in climbing areas across the UK for the benefit of its members and is the largest publisher of climbing guidebooks in the UK. The Club was instrumental in the formation of the BMC and remains active within the BMC including helping represent the needs of all climbing clubs to the BMC.
  • How can I contact members in my local area?
  • Members get an up to date member listing, this allows them to contact other members in their area and to find climbing partners. As a non-member your points of contact with the Club are the Membership Secretary and the Secretary each of whom can help you contact members in your area.
  • What are the advantages of Climbers’ Club membership?
  • Members enjoy many advantages including:
    • Access to our eight huts, full details are available on our huts pages, plus preferential access to the huts of a number of other clubs, the advantage of staying in a hut is obvious when you wake up on a campsite to a howling gale and lashing rain!
    • 25% discount on the price of guidebooks published by CC, FRCC, and the Alpine Club. Our guidebooks may be purchased online here.
    • Discounts at many equipment retailers.
    • The opportunity to join meets from our extensive list of meets in the UK and abroad.
    • Receiving a monthly e-letter, regular newsletter, and a superb Annual Journal.
    • The opportunity to join in at two annual social weekends which include a buffet or seated meal.
  • Is the Climbers’ Club family friendly?
  • Yes. Every year the meets programme includes a number of family focused meets where children (our future members?) are encouraged. Most huts have rooms which can be booked for family use and children accompanied by members can make full use of all huts during the day.
  • Is it difficult to join the Climbers’ Club?
  • No, but it does require some effort to complete the application and come on some meets.
  • How does joining the Climbers’ Club compare with joining other major UK clubs?
  • Other National Clubs such as the Fell and Rock Climbing Club (FRCC) and Alpine Club (AC) have similar membership requirements to the Climbers’ Club, i.e. their members will be experienced and competent climbers and mountaineers. For example, membership of the AC requires that you have climbed a minimum of 20 alpine peaks or routes at an average grade of PD or above, something that may take several years to achieve.

Joining the Climbers’ Club

  • Can I use club facilities when kayaking or mountain biking etc.?
  • Yes. However, please note that our huts do not have any facilities aimed these sports, such as bike racks or larger drying rooms. Huts do have drying rooms for normal hill going clothing etc., but may not be large enough for wet-suits and other water-sports equipment.
  • Can anyone join the Climbers Club?
  • Yes, membership is open to all competent and experienced climbers or mountaineers.
  • What do I have to do to join the Climbers Club?
  • To join the Climbers’ Club you need to:
    • Meet the membership criteria specified below.
    • Book on to some open meets.
    • Get the support of just two current members.
    • Complete a short application form (two sides of A4 paper) where you can tell us about your climbing experience. Your two supporters (Proposer and Second) will write letters to support your application.
  • When can I submit my application?
  • You can apply at any time of the year. Applications are reviewed roughly every three months so there may be a gap of a few weeks between your application being received and us getting in touch with you.
  • What climbing experience do I need?/What are the membership criteria?
  • We are always looking to recruit new members who are climbers and mountaineers who are experienced and competent leaders of adventurous climbs. There is no minimum grade of climb which you must achieve; we look at the overall experience of each applicant. Please refer to what we regard as Adventurous Climbs.
  • What do we mean by “adventurous climbs”?
  • The idea of an adventurous climb is linked to a combination of factors in addition to the grade; for example the length of a climb or its location (e.g. high mountain, remote, inescapable, difficult access or descent). Multi-pitch sports route can be adventurous such as “Wings for Life” on Telendos (Kalymnos) it is long, relatively remote certainly difficult to escape from and with a good hike over the top and down to the bar! You will note that we have not included any specific minimum grade, the traditional “rule of thumb” was lead VS but we feel that this is too restrictive – please just tell us what you have done!
  • How long do I need to have been climbing before I can apply?
  • There is no minimum length of experience for membership, we receive applications from climbers who have been active for only two years yet they have done much more than other applicants with 10 years experience. It is your overall experience that matters.
  • Do I have to climb rock, ice, snow, or Alpine before I can join?
  • No, we have members who are exclusively rock climbers while others are “all rounders”. Our meets programme offers trips to all kinds of climbing destinations within and outside the UK.
  • I have recently started climbing, can I join the Climbers’ Club?
  • It is unlikely that a recent convert to climbing will have the necessary experience needed to join; we would welcome your application as soon as you have the appropriate level of experience.
  • I am under 18, can I join the Climbers’ Club?
  • Yes as long as you meet the standard criteria. However, for Child Protection reasons you can only attend huts or club events in the company of an adult member who accepts responsibility for you.
  • I am a keen outdoor enthusiast who does some climbing, can I join the Climbers’ Club?
  • Yes, provided you meet the normal criteria.
  • I am a boulderer, can I join the Climbers’ Club?
  • Yes, provided you meet the normal criteria. Many of our members are keen boulderers as well as being experienced and competent leaders of adventurous climbs.
  • I am a sport climber, can I join the Climbers’ Club?
  • Yes, most modern climbers will sport-climb; our members are normal every-day passionate climbers. However, the Club strongly supports climbing that is traditional with leader placed protection and all of our members are experienced and competent leaders of adventurous climbs.
  • Why do I need the support of two current members?
  • We rely on the judgement of our current members to confirm the competence and experience of potential members.
  • Can I join if I don’t know two members?
  • Yes, potential members can book on to meets which will introduce them to current members who will be able to support your application (as long as you meet the criteria). We have two special Aspirant meets each year. These are designed to help members and potential members to meet, socialise, and climb together.
  • Is it compulsory to attend an Aspirant meet?
  • No, you can decide whether or not to attend, but they are a great way to meet a number of members who can help your application so we do encourage attendance.
  • Does the Club offer training for its members?
  • No we do not offer any technical training such as rope-work or general mountaineering skills. We have organised First Aid meets for members and at our last annual dinner and social weekend some of our well known members offered master-classes on a local climbing wall.
  • Will I need to climb with members before I can join?
  • Yes under normal circumstances. We rely on the judgement of our current members to confirm the competence and experience of potential members; this is why your application must have a Proposer and Seconder. However, in some cases an applicant's experience is well known to Proposer and Seconder and in which case it is not essential that they have climbed with them.
  • What is the application form like?
  • You can see a copy of the form here. Completing the form is not a difficult job.
  • Can I apply online?
  • Yes, we expect all applications to be made online. However we do not accept forms which are sent as email attachments as this creates extra work for our Membership Secretary, who is a volunteer and would rather be out climbing than sorting through piles of emails!
  • Can my proposer and second submit their letters online?
  • Yes, we expect letters of support to be sent in using our dedicated online application system. As with application form, we do not accept letters as attachments to emails.
  • Does the Climbers’ Club reject membership applications?
  • We don’t reject applications, we defer them pending further information or increased experience. This happens extremely rarely and usually when the guidance and advice offered have not been followed by the applicant and their Proposer or Seconder. In cases of doubt we will always ask for further details before making a final decision. If an application is deferred we will always advise an applicant on how to improve their experience to ensure that a future application will be successful. In a typical year the Club receives over 60 applications for membership and it is rare for even one application to be deferred each year.
  • How much does membership cost?
  • Membership fees are £70 with a concessionary rate of £42 for members under 25. Members over 65 may opt to pay the concessionary rate.
  • How are the fees collected?
  • Membership subscriptions will be automatically collected by direct debit. A direct debit mandate form must be completed as part of the application process. Note that the Club also uses this direct debit to collect hut fees.
  • Is the Climbers’ Club affiliated to the BMC?
  • Yes, we are one of the founding clubs of the BMC and strongly support their work.
  • I’m already in another BMC affiliated club, can I get my BMC affiliation fee back?
  • Yes, but you must reclaim it directly from the BMC by visiting BMC Refund. BMC rules will not allow individuals to join an affiliated club without paying the affiliation fee, the individual must reclaim the multiple fees directly from BMC.

Making the Most of Your Membership

  • How do I access the member’s pages of the website?
  • You will need to apply for a member log in. If you wish you may also get a Climbers’ Club e-mail address.
  • How do I get a discount on guidebook prices?
  • Members qualify for 25% discount on CC, FRCC, and AC guides. We sell guidebooks through our own eshop where member discounts are automatically applied. You can also buy guides direct from our distributor (Cordee) who will also discount the price to members.
  • How can I get access to the Club’s huts?
  • Once your membership application has been approved you may purchase a hut key (current cost £16). You are then free to use the huts whenever you wish. The current hut usage costs are published here.
  • Do I need to book a place in a hut?
  • Not normally but it is advisable to at least check bed availability before leaving for the hut. You can book beds on-line at any time if you wish. However, booking is mandatory for stays at Riasg (our Scottish Hut) between 28 December and 15 April, full details are on the hut's page.
  • Can I take a non-member to a hut?
  • Yes, you may normally take up to three guests without prior booking; they pay a higher fee per night, current rates are here.
  • Can I take my non-climbing partner to a hut?
  • Yes, however family members and partners pay a higher rate than the member rate but less than the member’s guest rate. A full list of hut rates is here.
  • Can I take my own or my partners’ children to a hut?
  • Yes, but you must ensure adult supervision of all under 18s at all times. Many huts have bookable rooms which enable children to sleep in huts with their family group. Camping with children is also possible at many huts, allowing full use of the hut during the day. The hut fees due depend on the age of the child.
  • Can I organise a meet at a CC hut for a group of more than three friends?
  • Yes, you need to book in advance and all non CC members pay the full hut fee (currently £12 per night).
  • Can I organise a meet at a CC hut for my local climbing club?
  • Yes, you need to book in advance and all non CC members pay the full hut fee (currently £12 per night).
  • How do I book beds in Kindred Club Huts?
  • The system varies from hut to hut; full details are found in the member’s area of the website and are included in the Member’s Handbook.
  • How can I get involved in supporting the work of the Club?
  • There are many ways to contribute to the life of the Club, you can: attend meets and climb with members; organise a meet; regularly visit the huts; help out with hut maintenance or other aspects of looking after huts; help recruit new members of appropriate experience; come along to a Prospective (Aspirant) members meet and climb with potential members; share your experience by writing for our Newsletter or Journal or submit photographs for use in any of our publications. There are always opportunities to contribute to our sub-committees (Huts and Publications). After two years of membership you can propose and second applications and can join the committee and help ensure the Club’s future. In short, if you want to contribute there will be something you can do!