Pembroke Range East – Vol 4

Saddle Head to St Govan’s

High Life (E2, Bosherston Head) Emma Alsford Carl Ryan

Emma Alsford on High Life (E2, Bosherston Head) Photo Carl Ryan

  • Pembroke Vol 4 Range East – Saddle Head to St Govan’s by Gary   Gibson (2011)
  • Photodiagrams John Eales
  • Maps and additional artwork Don Sargeant
  • 341 pages of text, images, maps and detailed topos

ISBN 978-0-901601-90-2

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Over 1,000 routes between VD and E10 all within 15 minutes flat walk of the car park, what more could you want?

Within its covers this guidebook includes the stupendous cleft of Huntsman’s Leap, the stunning west wall of Stennis Ford and the more amenable Saddle Head and Stennis Head. Closer to the car park are the contiguous cliffs of Trevallen and St Govan’s, easily accessible, south-facing and with fabulous rock. For those who fancy something a little different, there is also a multitude of DWS.

With 344 pages of text, full colour photodiagrams, action shots and line plans you won’t have any excuse for getting lost or not being enthused.

What are you waiting for, the sun’s shining.

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