Area Meets

2017 Area Meets

There are area meets planned each year for Lakes/North West, The Peak and The Southern Sandstone. The way they are to be organised is to build in flexibility and allow choices depending on the weather. If you are interested it will work in this way.

  1. YOU contact the area coordinator and request to be put on the mailing list. By doing this you are making no commitment other than to receive the meet information!
  2. He/she places you on their list of contacts.
  3. You put the meet dates in your diary.
  4. About 48 hours before the meet the coordinator will email or text you with the final details of the meet which will be crag (or wall if necessary), time and pub for after. The forecast should allow him/her to make a sensible choice.
  5. You go to the meet, climb, drink and have a good time.
Lakeland &
North West
Finished for this season Contact: Pete Sterling (details in handbook)
The Peak District Weekly climbing Peak District area, every tuesday throughout the year
Summer: ​Outdoors, different crag n pub each week.
​Winter: a climbing wall. Initially Awesome Walls in Sheffield where we have a special rate as Cc members.
Contact Colin Densem or Clair Wilson – Mobile: 07817 000406 for details of where and when each week
Southern Sandstone Finished for this season


  • The Peak District – Clair Wilson – Mobile: 07817 000406
  • Southern Sandstone – Brian Mead – email:
  • Lakeland & North Western – Pete Sterling (details in handbook)