Meet the Climbers’ Club Committee

With the aim of making it easier for members and guests to recognise our committee when hanging out in huts, belaying at the crag, or any other venue where it might be useful to pass on a few hints or comments about how the club is being run here are some snap-shots and background details of each of the members of the current CC Committee:

Role Name Bio
President avatarSteve Scott Based in the Lakes Steve has been climbing for half a century! Steve enjoys the people and the adventures that climbing provides, he loves the amazing places that we climb - he doesn't enjoy the wall, as he usually hurts himself. Steve's occupation is editing the latest FRCC guidebooks, drawing the material together. Steve is also a sometime sailor, regularly instructing on a yacht off the West coast of Scotland and has been known to ride his bike or 'run' very long distances in fairly short periods of time... although he doesn't like training. He would like to see more members becoming engaged with running the Club and informing its future direction.
Honorary Secretary avatarVic Odell Vic started climbing when Whillans harnesses and EB were new and the MOAC was state of the art protection. He had great fun climbing then, and still does now. Vic was never that brilliant a climber, but he is still hoping to improve. Vic joined the CC in the last century, just.
Treasurer avatarStephen Blackman
Vice President avatarKeith Sanders
avatarDave Viggers
avatarVal Hennelly Climbing for 35 years, member of the CC for over 15 years, ex-President of Pinnacle Club, and have run joint meets at the Count House for CC and PC for around 10 years. Middling trad climber, rubbish on indoor walls, currently on a career break (2017) and inveighled into VP role for CC - am assured I am not the token woman, and will devote more time to working out how best to support the club through this role later this summer.
Membership Secretary avatarAndy Cairns Andy started climbing sometime between the founding of the Climbers' Club and harnesses being invented. Both now play a major part in his life, although the CC is the more recent since joining in 2005. Andy has been on the committee since 2014 as an ordinary member. Now retired, Andy is in the happy position of being able to spend lots of time climbing and is available for discussion of CC business in Calpe, France, Sicily, and Kalymnos. These trips are done with his minder, Alison, also a CC member, who has his best interests at heart ... rest days are carefully selected to include six hour walks or major bike rides.
Meets Secretary avatarPeri Stracchino Peri discovered climbing about 12 years ago and despite all evidence to the contrary continues to believe she can improve if she tries harder. She loves ice and snow, bouldering, trad, sport, sea cliffs, uk mountain routes and silly offwidths. However you will not catch her at any grotty post-industrial quarries unless you have a loaded gun or incriminating material to hand. Not even for cake. She is currently looking after meets coordination so please contact her with all your brilliant ideas for meets and offers to run meets - its good fun and not hard.
Hut Booking Secretary avatarRoger Grimshaw Roger became a committee member in 2013. Roger's climbing is mainly focused in UK and Europe - most notably at the Westway Centre in London; Cornwall; North Wales; Dorset; and Derbyshire.
Finance Secretary avatarMisha Nepogodiev Misha is the club's finance secretary, which means he gets to do all the exciting jobs: processing all payments made by the club and preparing quarterly management accounts for the main committee and VAT returns for HMRC. If that isn't enough to feed the accounting rat, there's always the annual accounts for the AGM and the corporation tax return. When Misha isn't having fun administering the club's finances or doing the day job (corporation tax adviser with one of the Big Four accountancy firms), he's a keen climber in both summer and winter. Living in Birmingham, he can travel pretty much anywhere in the country for the weekend, and so chases the weather to get out climbing almost every weekend. Often found shuffling along crumbling ledges on big sea cliffs in summer, pulling up on frozen blobs in winter and pulling off crazy dry tooling moves while waiting for the white stuff. Also enjoys ski touring and going off route in the Alps. Always keen to meet new climbing partners, so give him a shout if you fancy some adventurous climbing. He promises not to bore you too much with talk of the club's financial position!
Committee Member avatarDavid Myatt David is based in central Scotland and joined the club in 2015 after spending the last 40 years doing lots of work and not enough climbing - but soon to retire and so will be reversing that. In anticipation of new found free time David volunteered to join the main committee and was co-opted in September '15 and is now looking forward to attending meets throughout the country and climbing with new partners from the club.…Have campervan, will travel.
avatarKenny Atherton
avatarJames Reeley James lives in Essex with his wife and daughter and is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the NHS working in mental health. He's been climbing for about 7 years and from the outset whilst learning to climb in Gloucestershire was bitten by all aspects of climbing but preferring TRAD. His biggest adventure to date has been climbing the Old Man of Hoy three days before his wedding. Mostly his climbing at the moment is cragging when he can fit it in but he very much looks forwards to that increasing as his daughter gets older. He as ambitions to climb in Alpine environments but thinks this may have to wait a couple of years. James volunteered to join the committee because of his strong beliefs about participation and collectivism and knowing that the club won’t run itself.
avatarAndy Brellisford
avatarColin Densem
avatarFrank Cannings
avatarPete Finklaire
avatarMichelle Papworth
Publications Sub-Committee Chair avatarHelen Barry
Huts Management Sub-Committee Chair avatarClair Wilson