Lewis Trip Report


In summary…

  • The meet was in the first week of June, hoping for better things after the end of May rainy weather.
  • Much fun was had.
  • There was sunshine.
  • British politics became more complicated.

The end.

Or in more detail…

Sixteen CC members and friends spent a lovely mostly sunny week on the Isle of Lewis. This was the third in the series of island trips, following very successful Mingulay and Pabbay trips in previous years.

The campsite on Lewis has had an upgrade, and 100% inflation in cost per night, but now for your 2 quid you get a shower and kitchen, as well as water and toilets – rather more facilities than last year on Pabbay (which was the best trip ever it has to be said and hard to follow)! However, the company was just as good, and I was not the sole female this time! I hope everyone had a good time.

The camping is next to the huge and very beautiful Ardroil Beach. Walking on this at sunset seeing the moon and mountains reflecting one side and the setting sun the other is an experience to remember forever. I might even write bad poetry about it.

Standing Stones

Climbing was done every day, except the day it rained orcs and dragons. But routes up to E4 were ticked, including Prozac Link by Sam and Tom. It didn’t quite get dark while they were on it (it never quite gets dark here in summer) so we didn’t quite go to rescue them after many beers because that would have been silly. Generally we were out climbing until between 9 and 11.30 pm every day (well I was although I did drop some unfortunates who unknowingly joined our party with thoughts of getting back for evening tea back to the campsite between routes), so there were slow starts. Misha would like it here. New routing was also done, intentionally and otherwise.

Sad to leave here having got back some sort of climbing form – helped by the enthusiasm and encouragement of climbing partners – thanks – a return is definitely called for. Also ideas on the destination for the CC island crew trip for next year…

Likely to be Skye. Excited already!

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