Joint LSCC/CC Meet – Downes

Some of the party

The LSCC made a long trip to Englandshire to see what the Peak District hadr to Offer. A Friday Fondue was enjoyed by the early arrivers blended with talks of climbing venues and walks.

Mixed teams headed to Stanage High neb for cold climbing. Another group headed walking to Brecon Clough where Andrew returned with two wives.

A Scotland/shire meal was served, Haggis and Yorkshire Pudding followed by Bakewell Tart all toasted with G*ie™ Whiskey.

On Sunday the climbing groups went to Millstone and Lawrencefield where a warmer day was enjoyed by all. The walkers, Andrew and his third wife, went from Hope onto Kinder Scout. There was even a caver in P8.

A select group were in the hut for the Sunday evening communal meal finished with Sage Derby and Hartington Stilton.

Convivial meal

After a good clean of the hut Lead Climbing practice at Pleasley Vale finished the Ladies trip ‘darn sarf’.

Here’s to the next joint meet hopefully in the Highlands!

CC Members: C Allan, Alison Cairns, Andy Cairns, P Headland, A Long, A Porter, Fiona Sauders, Keith Saunders, P Scott, Clair Wilson (Both Clubs)

LSCC Members: C Haigh, H Moore, J Webster

Guests, A Coxhead, Leonide Engelbrecht, Karen Fullerton K Headland, E Howarth

Clair Wilson

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