Journals On-line


The Club completed a project to digitise the entire collection of Journals from 1898 to 2007. Following that all Journals are in PDF format.  The result is we now have a full set of fully searchable pdfs.  Searchable contents have been placed on the web site.  Due to the restrictions of UK Copyright Law we can only make the journal extracts available for download when we have either obtained copyright permission or copyright has lapsed (70 years from the end of the calendar year in which the author(s) passed away).  Where we have obtained copyright permission extracts are now downloadable.

The links below provide access to Journal extracts of articles/photographs where we have obtained signed copyright clearance or CC copyright material e.g. club notes, editorials, reviews etc .  These extracts are being produced over time and have been compressed for optimum download speeds.  The extracts are in pdf format and you will need the Adobe Reader or equivalent.

Please note we are in the process of uploading these extracts:

The content pages of each Journal and where provided indexes to articles, authors and illustrations/photographs are provided for download and/or searching. Click on the appropriate pdf to download content pages and use the search facility in your Adobe reader to search all Contents pdfs.

  • Contents for Sequence No. 01-12 Vol I, II & III 1898-1901 — contents-01-12
  • Contents for Sequence No. 13-24 Vol IV, V & VI 1901-1904 — contents-13-24
  • Contents for Sequence No. 25-36 Vol VII, VIII & IX 1904-1907 — contents-25-36
  • Contents for Sequence No. 37-50 Vol X, XI, XII & XIII 1907-1910 — contents-37-50

New Series

  • Contents for Sequence No. 51-61 Vol I, II, III & IV 1912-1931 — contents-51-61
  • Contents for Sequence No. 62-73 Vol V, VI, VII & VIII 1934-1948 — contents-62-73
  • Contents for Sequence No. 74-84 Vol IX, X, XI & XII 1949-1959 — contents-74-84
  • Contents for Sequence No. 85-97 Vol XII, XIV, XV & XVI 1960-1975 — contents-85-97
  • Contents for Sequence No. 98-109 Vol XVII, XVIII, XIX & XX 1976-1990 — contents-98-109
  • Contents for Sequence No. 110-123 Vol XXI, XXII, XXIII, XXIV & XXV 1991-2010 — contents-110-123
  • Contents for Sequence No. 124-125 2011-2012 — contents-124-125