Ice Fest Meet January 2018 – Argentiere la Bessee

Paul on Sombre Heros at Ceilliac

The location has moved after 8 consecutive Meets to Rjukan (we have to rest the access points to the Vemork Bridge and the Gorge sooner or later).

The Gite Papillion in Argentiere La Bessee awaits us, with a bed, breakfast AND evening meal for circa 40 euros, per day/night (could even be less)? More info asap. Regarding the Rjukan Gjestergard – cooking evening meals and washing pans, forget it! We’re concentrating on the ice climbing.

We need to book the Gite we’ll use as our accommodation in this pretty little town pretty soon, with positive names, so please tell me what your situation is, this coming ice climbing season? Are you in or out? If you need any more info, please email me?

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Smiler Cuthbertson

A few images of the area:

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