Iain McMorrin

IAIN McMORRIN – Antarctic veteran, mountaineer and educationalist – originally from Rhodesia and lately Director at the Woodlands Outdoor Education Centre in the Brecon Beacons. Photographed here during the filming of ‘The Waiting Face’ on Mont Blanc’s Pere Eternel, 1967.
© JOHN CLEARE / Mountain Camera Picture Library

We have been notified of the death of Iain McMorrin, member since 1965, who sadly died on 22nd October in Pembrokeshire. Our thoughts are with his wife and family. We will post an update if we have further information about the funeral arrangements.

Vic Odell, Hon Secretary

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2 comments on “Iain McMorrin
  1. avatar Frank Cannings says:

    Not many CC members have had a glacier named after them – the McMorrin glacier is in Graham Land, Antarctica


  2. avatar Frank Cannings says:

    Funeral details here: http://www.mcmorrin.co.uk/