Reciprocal Rights Huts

The Club has reciprocal rights access to large range if huts, these huts are available for use by members as part of a specific reciprocal rights arrangement with our kindred clubs. Access must be booked, and members are particularly asked to research and observe any special rules and notices applying to the use of huts. In addition to these reciprocal rights agreements there are a number of huts where members have enhanced levels of access through special arrangements.

When using huts through reciprocal rights please try at all times to be a good ambassador for the CC, and behave as you would expect guests to behave in our own huts.

IMPORTANT: Members are asked to mention in their applications to other clubs that they are members of The Climbers’ Club. Applications for each visit should include details of the party (specifying any non-members) and should be as far in advance as practical. A reply to an application confirming or refusing the booking must always be obtained.

Kindred Clubs with Reciprocal Rights

The following clubs have huts that are available to CC Members as part of a reciprocal rights arrangement with these kindred clubs. The links provided provide further details, locations, etc. for many of the huts available through reciprocal arrangements.

Overseas Clubs with Reciprocal Rights

  • Mountaineering Club of Kenya, PO Box 45741, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Mountaineering Club of South Africa, 97 Hatfield Street, Cape Town, 9001, South Africa (+27 2145 3142)
  • New Zealand Alpine Club, 15 Atmore Terrace, Nelson, 7001, New Zealand (+64 54 87052)
  • Sierra Club USA, 730 Polk Street, San Francisco, California 94109


Reciprocal Rights Huts with Enhanced Access Arrangements

Wayfarers’ Club: Robertson Lamb Hut (and Hamish Nicol Accord)

Thanks to the Hamish Nicol Accord established between the Wayfarers’ Club and the CC we have easy access to the Robertson Lamb Hut in Langdale. A safe in the outhouse to the right of the Hut, operated by the CC Members key fob, contains a key to the hut.

Previously a key has gone missing – this sort of behaviour is disrespectful to the Wayfarers’ Club and would mean inconvenience to the Wayfarers’ Hut Custodian and other CC members.

CC members may be accompanied by one guest (paying the guest rate), or more by special arrangement with the hut custodian.

The RLH is also booked out to outside organisations please contact the Wayfarers for advice.

The Hamish Nicol Accord (which members are encouraged to read before using RLH) along with hut details, location, etc. may be found on the Robertson Lamb Hut and Hamish Nicol Accord page.

Midland Association Of Mountaineers: Low House & Glan Dena

We have made special arrangements to have easier access to the Low House Coniston and Glan Dena in Ogwen huts. To use the hut at short notice, CC members need only to contact the MAM Hut Booking Secretary, Sue Edwards email:, mobile 07717 818 088, or landline 01291 625 170 to book places. A code will be issued for a MAM key pad situated on the door. This arrangement gives more flexibility for climbers and removes the need to send off for a key in advance, which is the normal arrangement for booking kindred club huts. CC members can use any of the beds available in the hut, and at the end of their stay must use a payment envelope in the hut to enter party details (located next to the signing in book) and send it together with a cheque to the hut treasurer whose address is on the form.

Further details, location, etc. for the hut may be found on the Midland Association of Mountaineers Huts page.

Fell & Rock Climbing Club: Waters Cottage (Kinlochleven)

For a trial period CC members can now enjoy much easier access to Waters Cottage in Kinlochleven; this includes the ability to reserve beds as late as 9pm on the Thursday evening for a weekend booking. The agreement does not cover weekends when FRCC have a meet at the hut. A total of eight beds for CC members and their guests will be available for booking. The use of the FRCC Ben Nevis track key is not part of this agreement nor is use of the hut for professional or commercial purposes. Hut use is subject to the normal FRCC rules and bylaws.

To facilitate easier access a key-pad operated safe has been fitted on the outside of the hut. There is a hut key in the safe. The key code to open the safe will be changed regularly.

How to get the key code:

  1. You must make a booking with the Waters Cottage Custodian, preferably by email. For late bookings (up to 9pm on the Thursday evening for the coming weekend) you may need to phone but should confirm by email ASAP.
  2. Custodian’s Contact details: Mark Gear, email, 24 Brompton Terrace, Kinmoull, PERTH PH50 4SE Telephone 01738 441 639
  3. You will receive the code and a booking confirmation by email. For late bookings the email will arrive by Friday lunchtime.
  4. Take your booking email and CC membership card and enjoy your visit. Return the key to the safe whenever you leave the hut.
  5. The fee payable will be the standard FRCC reciprocal club fee. With guests paying the normal FRCC guest rate.
  6. You will need to pay by cheque which is left in the hut safe in the same way as we used to pay.

Further detail, location, etc. may be found on the Fell & Rock Climbing Club Huts page.

For General hut information visit FRCC website.

Yorkshire Ramblers’ Club: Lowstern & Low Hall Garth

CC members can now enjoy much easier access to Lowstern at Clapham in The Yorkshire Dales and Low Hall Garth, Little Langdale. Ideally bookings should be made with no less than 48 Hours’ notice but bookings for a weekend may be made up to 9pm on the Thursday evening. Lowstern is well placed for the limestone climbing in the western Yorkshire Dales, Hutton Roof and nearby South Lakeland Limestone crags, the local Gritstone climbing, caving and potholing, the Yorkshire Three Peaks, the eastern Lake District and walking or cycling in the Dales and Forest of Bowland.

To facilitate easier access a key-pad operated safe has been fitted on the wall facing the Hut Door (head-torch required at night). There is a hut key in the safe please ensure that you always return the key to the key safe when vacating the hut. The key code to open the safe will be changed regularly.

To get the key code you must book by contacting the Huts Secretary, Richard Josephy, by email (preferred) at , or telephone on 01865723630. If he is not available, contact Tim Josephy, 01407860571 or, failing that, Michael Smith, 01142864328, 07814010165. Hut use is subject to the normal YRC rules.

Payment is normally by bank transfer to the following account; Sort code 53-70-00 Account number 72005688. When paying please put your name as reference for the payment. It would also be helpful if you could send an email when you make the transfer explaining which date it refers to. If bank transfers are a problem a cheque can be sent, contact the YRC Huts Secretary for further information. The current rates (2014) are £5.50 per night (CC members) and £10 per night for guests

Further detail, location, etc. may be found on the Yorkshire Ramblers’ Club Huts page.