Hut Restrictions, Access, & Fees

Hut Keys

All of our huts are accessed by the use of an electronic ‘proximity’ key rather than a traditional metal key. To use, place the electronic key close to the black boss on the door lock. Operate the handle when the LED turns green. The mechanism will automatically reset the lock once the handle is operated or will time out after a few seconds. Make sure that you take your key with you when you leave the hut, once the hut door is closed it can only be re-opened with a key; there is no override for this security function. An amber LED indicates a misread, and a red LED indicates that a key that is not valid for the door.

Hut Keys must not be loaned out to other members (or even worse, non members).

The locks are battery operated. Should the batteries become faulty or run down then the time taken for the lock to operate will increase. This should be reported to the hut custodian.

This electronic system offers a number of advantages when compared to a normal key, such as, lost/stolen fobs can be disabled. Individual members can have their access blocked easily in the event of proven abuse of facilities.

The lock mechanism records every fob swipe, the date and time of entry is known. This information is downloaded and the record of key use is compared to the hut register. Each fob has a unique number (your membership number) engraved on to its reverse side; this number should be entered in the relevant column of the hut register when you sign in on arrival.

Do not lend your fob to anyone, as it’s use could make you liable for any fees due.

Keys are obtained from the Membership Secretary at a cost of £16 (£10 for replacements). Please note, if a key is replaced the original will cease to work. In the event of a member wishing to upgrade from their obsolete metal key to an electronic key the fee is also £10. All prices include postage.

If you haven’t done so already, you can purchase an electronic key, please send a cheque, payable to The Climbers’ Club, along with a note listing:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Membership Number
  4. Amount: £10.00 (or £16.00 if this is your first key)

To: Andy Cairns (CC Membership Secretary)

For further information or if you have any questions, please contact the Membership Secretary directly.



PLEASE NOTE: For insurance reasons no more people are to sleep in the huts than the bed spaces allow.

Please note that all CC huts are reserved for Members and their guests on Bank Holidays and Bank Holiday weekends. External groups and Kindred Club members may not bring children to our huts.

  • Ynys Ettws: CC members, their guests and reciprocal rights (Kindred) club members only at weekends. External parties may book places in the hut midweek. The small dormitory is reserved for members at all times.
  • Helyg: External parties may book places or the full hut; there are no places reserved exclusively for members.
  • Downes: External parties may book all or part of the rear dormitory.  The front dormitory is reserved for members and their guests at all times.
  • Count House: External parties may book during September to June inclusive. CC members, their guests and reciprocal rights (kindred) club members only during July and August. Rooms 4 and 5 are reserved for members at all times.
  • May Cottage: CC members, their guests and reciprocal rights (kindred) club members only at all times.
  • Riasg: CC members, their guests and reciprocal rights (kindred) club members only at all times. Booking conditions apply during the winter period 1 December – 30 April inclusive; check the Riasg details for the current arrangements.
  • Cwm Glas Mawr: CC members, their guests reciprocal rights (kindred) club members and external parties. The full hut may be booked, there are no spaces reserved exclusively for members.  We are pleased to consider bookings from University Clubs. For details contact the hut bookings secretary (see contacts list).
  • Grange Old School: CC members and their guests only.
  • Guests: At all times and in all huts any member may bring a maximum of three (except Riasg, see above) guests unless booked in as an external party.


No pets are allowed into the huts.

Children (i.e. Under-18s) – General Notes

External groups and Kindred Club members may not bring children to our huts.

Children of members and children for whom the member has ‘in loco parentis’ responsibility may use all the day facilities at all of our huts at all times. Children may only be in huts when accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. Subject to making an advance booking they may sleep in some huts under certain conditions as noted below.

  • They may not sleep in Ynys Ettws or May Cottage.
  • Family of members who are under 18 are able to sleep in rooms at the Downes with other members as long as their responsible adult is with them on Sunday-Thursday nights ONLY.
  • They may sleep at any time in a pre-booked family room in The Count House, Grange Old School (small dormitory), Helyg (full hut booking required) and Cwm Glas Mawr (room or whole hut booking required).
  • They may sleep in a pre-booked family room at Riasg between mid-May and October.
  • They may camp with their parent/responsible adult at any hut where camping is allowed (i.e. not Riasg, Helyg and Cwm Glas Mawr).
  • Members may not sleep in empty bunks in a family room where children are sleeping.

External groups and Kindred Club members may not bring children to our huts.

A member considering taking ‘in loco parentis’ responsibility may wish to view the current guidance available on the BMC website. Members under 18, using Club huts, may sleep in communal dormitories in the presence of their responsible adult.

Hut Fees and Payment

Hut fees are collected roughly every three months using the membership direct debit arrangements. Every member who pays their membership fee by direct debit is automatically included in this payments system. It is much easier for the Club if everyone lets the debit system collect the fees, sending cheques can easily result in confusion and errors. However, for some hut stays fees can total well over £75 and then you may wish to pay by cheque which should be sent as per the instructions below.

There are a small number members who do not pay their membership subscription by direct debit, if you are one of this group you will need to pay fees by cheque made payable to “The Climbers’ Club” to the Hut Booking Secretary. Ensure you include your name, hut used and full details of your stay.

Block Booking of huts or Family Rooms. Please note that the direct debit system is not set up to collect these kinds of hut bookings so please send a cheque made payable to “The Climber’s Club” directly to the Hut Booking Secretary Roger Grimshaw.

Hut Fees per person per night

Category of Stay Price/Night
CC Members £6.00
CC members’ families (12yrs and over) £8.00
CC members’ families (under 12yrs) £4.50
CC members’ guests (irrespective of age, up to 3 guests) £9.00
CC members’ guests (if more than 3; must be booked as external party) £12.00
Wayfarers members (reciprocal rights) £6.00
Wayfarers guests (max 3) £9.00
All other reciprocal rights clubs £8.00
Outside Bookings £12.00
Camping As for hut use
Children under 2yrs (in any category above) Free
Room at CGM – member (per night) 5 bed £30.00 – 4 bed £24
Room at Count House – member (per night) ** See room sizes below
Room at Cwm Glas Mawr – external bookings (per night) 5 bed £60.00- 4 bed £48
All Helyg – member (per night) £75.00
All CGM – member (per night) £54.00
All Helyg – external bookings (per night) £150.00
All CGM – external bookings (per night) £108.00
Downes (Back Room) £30 or hut fees if greater
Grange (Large Room) £30 or hut fees if greater
Six bed room at Count House, May Cottage or Riasg £30 or hut fees if greater
Four bed room at Count House and Grange £20 or hut fees if greater
Two/Three bed room at Riasg £15 or hut fees if greater