The Climbers’ Club operates eight huts in the UK.

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North Wales


Peak District



  • Riasg (Roy Bridge, Central Highlands of Scotland) **

Lake District

** These huts have rooms or whole hut bookable – see conditions below. Although no family rooms are currently available at Ynys Ettws and May Cottage members with under 18’s may camp and use the hut facilities.

Important, please read our Health & Safety Policy.

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If you find any hut which is in need of attention please use the form on the appropriate hut page.

Guidelines for use

  • Booking: Please use the on-line booking links at the top of this page. Members may book themselves for up to 7 consecutive nights. Non-members and kindred club members can make requests which will be verified by the Hut Booking Secretary. Members can check the on-line calendars for each hut. Members cannot book huts being used for a CC Meet – please contact the Meet Co-ordinator. Please do not contact the hut custodians.
  • Bookable Rooms/Hut: Huts for which members may book rooms or the whole hut are indicated with ** above. The conditions of booking for each hut are as follows:
    • Count House – a 6, 4 or 3 bed room only if party contains under 18’s.
    • Cwm Glas Mawr – Either one room or whole hut – party may but does not have to contain under 18’s.
    • Grange – Smaller (4-5bed) dorm only if party contains under 18’s.
    • Helyg – Whole hut – party may but does not have to contain under 18’s.
    • Riasg – a 6 or 3 bed room from mid-May to October only if party contains under 18’s.
    • Ynys Ettws, May Cottage & Downes – Although no family rooms are available members with under 18’s may camp and use the hut facilities.
  • On arrival: Please complete the hut register; leave the Number of Nights column free if necessary but ensure you complete on departure. Please remind any other occupants who have forgotten to sign themselves in. Please complete these fully and legibly or you may find yourself being charged the wrong amount! If you have a guest who’s name is not on the same page as your own name then please annotate your entry to direct the Hut Finance Secretary to the guest’s entry; this will save a lot of time. If you have a guest who is a member of a reciprocal club then please ensure that the club is identified as we cannot allocate the reduced fee without this information.
  • Hut keys: These remain the property of the club. Do not, under any circumstances, loan them to anyone, even another member who has lost his own. If you lose your key, contact the Membership Secretary.
  • Security: If you’re last to leave the hut, even just for a day’s cragging, please ensure that ALL doors and windows are securely locked, and the car-park barrier (Ynys, Helyg, Count House) is also locked. As a general rule, the barrier should be locked at all times, even if the hut is occupied. Never loan your key to anyone. When using the Count House, please ensure the burglar alarm is switched on when you vacate, even if only for a short time.
  • Members only rooms: These are for the EXCLUSIVE use of CC and Wayfarers members. If you’ve booked space as an external club, you must not occupy space in these rooms.
  • Custodians: These volunteers are CC members who have shouldered the task of keeping the huts in good order; they are NOT housemaids.
  • Repairs: If you spot anything that needs repaired, please either contact the hut custodian or leave a note in the Hut Maintenance Book.
  • Purchases: If you need to purchase any materials for a hut please send Huts Finance Secretary the receipt and we will arrange for refund. We are currently unable to account for any purchases within the direct debit payments system.
  • Before you leave: Complete the Number Of Nights column in the hut register. Dispose of all food, used pillowcases, clean, dry and put away any dirty crockery etc. Even if you’re not the last to leave, please make a contribution to the cleaning of the hut, making sure the hut is left as you’d like to find it. If you are last leave, switch off all appliances, remove any food from fridges and leave their doors open, check all windows & doors, and switch off mains electricity.
  • After you leave: Member’s hut fees will be collected automatically 3 times per year by Direct Debit with a prior warning sent by email. If you are not on the Direct Debit system, please send cheques made payable to “The Climbers’ Club” ( do not send cash) to the Huts Booking Secretary Ruth Ashton. Ensure you include your name and hut sheet details (sheet number, line number(s), name, contact details etc.) Non-members and kindred club members will have paid/pay according to the arrangements made with the Hut Booking Secretary.
  • No pets allowed in the huts