Hamish Nichol Meet

Queuing up on Crib Goch

We had a good day out on Saturday setting off from Ynys and straight up the hillside to below Clogwyn y Person. Then traversed across to scramble up the ridge to Crib Goch. The queues there were tremendous! After continuing to Snowdon we had a look at the new café and came down via the zig zags.

Others walked up to Cwm Glas and then climbed on the Teryn Slabs.

On the sunday some slate was climbed in Bus Stop and Australia. Also mountain biking was done. A good meet which caught mostly sunny weather.

Dave Wearing – Wayfarers

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2 comments on “Hamish Nichol Meet
  1. avatar Dave Cooper says:

    With the crowds recently seen on all the paths up Snowdon, I can envisage there will soon be a turnstile erected and a charge to enter the range!! I hope not, but how else can the numbers be controlled. I can also see that Snowdon – at the current rate of entropy – will be a mere hill in about 50 years…..

  2. avatar colind says:

    You had great weather!

    BH weekend past, 800+ people between the finger post and cafe outer walls on a 600m clag day. Standing room only inside cafe summit keep. People on up-slope from watkin complaining of altitude illness. #runaway

    Next day, also a souper above 700m, a teenager wielding a tablet “is this the way to the top”, which top? “the one the train goes to”, no that’s not this one, this is ugain. Returned to parents…”where is katie?”… who is Katie? “She was with him”… “we went different ways” oh lordy, found shivering & wandering towards ugain.

    Snowdon faces a real challenge. Needs to be the magnet it is, really needs to address basic competency on busy days. A turnstyle contribution to mountain rescue would not be a bad idea, after all most dropped a small fortune to park 😉