Footpath Closures – Bosigran Ridge

Bosigran Ridge

NOTE: Updated Film Notice.

I have been told that a film production company is filming on Bosigran Ridge on the dates of Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th July.

This has been arranged in conjunction with the National Trust. There will be foopath closures, keep out of shot managers, helicopters overhead.

Anyone thinking of travelling any distance to do the Ridge would be well-advised to avoid 4th-5th July. I am unsure whether this might also affect climbing elsewhere nearby at times.

Read the Filming Notice …

Rob Seymour – Count House Custodian

PS: someone left the detachable parcel shelf from a Hyundai vehicle in the boiler room. I assume they will notice this at some point? They can pick it up next time they are down this way.

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