Count House – Kitchen Refurbishment

Count House Kitchen

Alright you lovely people, hats off to Dave Viggers, Bob Watson, Graham Titterton and Mary Titterton for (yet another) massive shift of work at the Count House. New kitchen worktops installed, hobs and sink cut in, bottom shelves rebuilt (now demountable so you can take them out to sweep and mop underneath more easily), everything within sight cleaned relentlessly to within an inch of its life. You lucky people, to have altruists like this. Apologies for crappy photo quality, but the effect up close is outstanding. The only complaints received are that the pots have not been selected with sufficient attention and hang too close to the wall so that they don’t ring when hit and fail to provide a scale of Do Ray Me So Fa Le To. Clearly I must try harder.

Rob Seymour – Custodian

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3 comments on “Count House – Kitchen Refurbishment
  1. avatar Keith Sanders says:

    Well done to all again looks great, and yes Rob re- photography don’t give up your day job i.e. looking after the Count house.

    Ps I see the Count house ghost is back and watching through the Microwave door.

    keith s

    • avatar Sean Kelly says:

      Well done to all involved. I personally felt it was the most pressing task at the CH that required action. I too spotted that ghostly face!!!

  2. avatar Robert Seymour says:

    Agreed Keith, very last minute pics on my cheap phone. Will need better photos for the website to advertise the hut when everything is finished and the porch etc built. Ghost is in the naughty corner then, must be standing in the fridge with his head out the top.