Count House Building Work

Work is progressing well, the builders have dug out for the rear terrace, erected shuttering for the front porch and poured the concrete.

Front porch base/foundations

I have put the padlock off the gate on the Toilet Block door and switched one of the bolts from inside onto the outside to keep the door tight closed (there is too much play in the hasp and shackle) which should do temporarily.

Once people are in, there’s no way of keeping the door shut unless you bolt it with the remaining bolt. I don’t like it as if the door is bolted from the inside you can’t get in from outside so will have to bang on the door or attract someone’s attention through the window.

It is just temporary while the concrete and block work is done.

The electrician is lined up to do lighting front and back when the work is complete.

External bicycle storage

The guys have concreted round the cycle deck to the wall at the back and put a ramp round it. This has added sixteen inches to the width which should be ample for most bikes.

Planned building and maintenance work started at the Count House today (16 October). Maintenance work will involve hacking off and re-pointing, sealing and coating the external walls, replacing lost/broken slates on the main roof, windowsills and transformer room roof, repairing gutters and drains, clearing drains and gullies, breaking protruding stones in the driveway. Building work will include construction of a new porch to protect the front door and lobby area from bad weather, a rear terrace/BBQ area and cycle storage.

The work is weather-dependent so may be interrupted at various times and may take a month to complete. The builders have access to the hut during the day for toilets/washing/cooking etc. but will probably be working between 08.30 and 16.30 so should not inconvenience hut users early or late in the day but power plant and machinery will be operating throughout.

There may also be power interruption as high winds are expected..

Updates will be given as necessary.

Rob Seymour – Custodian

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