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Officers & Officials

President: Steve Scott
Vice President: Keith Sanders
Dave Viggers
Val Hennelly
Hon Secretary: Vic Odell
Treasurer: Stephen Blackman
Membership Secretary: Andy Cairns
Meets Secretary: Peri Strachchino
Hut Bookings Secretary: Roger Grimshaw
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Communications Secretary: Vacant
Hut Management Chair: Clair Wilson
Huts Finance Secretary:
(For Hut fees, cheques payable to The Climbers’ Club)
Roger Withers
Publications Chair: Helen Barry
Journal Editor: Trevor Langhorne & Ian Smith
Honorary Archivist: David Medcalf
Honorary Librarian: David Medcalf
CC BMC Link: Terry Gifford
Website Manager: Tony Scott
Social Media: Iain McKenzie
Assistant Treasurer Subscriptions:
(Direct Debit scheme)
Colin Densem
Finance Secretary: Misha Nepogodiev
Mobile App Development Mick Green
Printed Newsletter (for members without email) Peter Hill

Committee Members

  • Steve Scott
  • Stephen Blackman
  • Keith Sanders
  • Dave Viggers
  • Val Hennelly
  • Vic Odell
  • Misha Nepogodiev
  • Andy Cairns
  • Kenny Atherton
  • James Reeley
  • Roger Grimshaw
  • David Myatt
  • Andy Brellisford
  • Frank Cannings
  • Peri Strachchino
  • Michelle Papworth
  • Colin Densem
  • Helen Barry (PSC Chair)
  • Clair Wilson (HMSC Chair)

Publications Sub-Committee Members

  • Helen Barry (Chair)
  • Nigel Barry (Secretary)
  • Richard Wheeldon (Guidebook Business Manager)
  • Vacant (Guidebook Marketing Manager)
  • Don Sargeant
  • Ian Smith
  • Paul Donnithorne
  • Gwyn Evans (Finance Secretary)
  • Tony Scott (eShop Manager)
  • Mick Green (App Manager)
  • Paul Jenkinson

CC Officers – ex Officio (with voting rights)

  • Steve Scott (CC President)
  • A VP
  • Stephen Blackman (CC Treasurer)

Huts Management Sub-Committee Members

  • Clair Wilson (Chair)
  • Helen Brewitt (Secretary)
  • Roger Withers (Finance – Officer/Custodian Grange)
  • Roger Grimshaw (Huts Booking Secretary)
  • Graham Townsend (Development Manager)
  • Chris Allan (Huts Maintenance Coordinator)
  • Jim Whitham (Health and Safety Officer)
  • Al Randall (Hut Key Manager)
  • Vacant (Hut Promotion)
  • Harry Moss (Hut Budget Management)
  • Stacey Gardner
  • Matt Goater
  • Colin Densem
  • Dennis Ibbotson (Custodian Downes)
  • Kenny Atherton (Custodian Helyg)
  • Robert Seymour (Custodian Count House)
  • Dave Reaney (Custodian May Cottage)
  • Kris Hill (Custodian Riasg)

CC Officers – ex Officio (with voting rights)

  • Steve Scott (CC President)
  • Dave Viggers (VP)
  • Stephen Blackman (CC Treasurer)

Hut Custodians

Ynys Ettws, RW Lloyd Hut: Vacant
Cwm Glas Mawr: Julie Starling
Helyg: Kenny Atherton
RO Downes: Dennis Ibbotson (Assistant Graham Titterton)
Count House: Robert Seymour (Assistant Dave Viggers)
May Cottage: Dave Reaney
Riasg: Kris Hill (Assistant Andy Stotesbury)
Grange: Roger Withers