A wee walk up Mont Blanc…

Mont Blanc ascent route

Mont Blanc ascent route

A short video made on a recent Summer trip to Chamonix in the French Alps and an ascent of the Goûter Route on the mighty Mont Blanc 4808m, the highest point in Western Europe, staying overnight at the lovely Refuge du Tête Rousse.

Although the Goûter Route or Voie Normale is not that technically difficult, it really should not be underestimated as it is long and arduous undertaking at high altitude requiring good acclimatisation and the usual alpine skills. There are also some delicate passages including the infamous Grand Couloir and the superbly exposed Bosses Ridge which meanders its photogenic way up to the summit plateau itself. Thankfully we were blessed with perfect stable weather and great snow conditions, hence the route was very busy but the winds were so light you could have had a picnic on top!

Anyway the entertainment was filmed so for anyone who may be interested in a future ascent of Mont Blanc, or a trip down memory lane, or just a vicarious journey up to the summit of Monte Bianco from the comfort of their chair! Well here’s a short video featuring all the main landmarks encountered on the route, time lapses, lovely mountain ibex or bouquetin, a beautiful dawn breaking on the Dôme du Goûter plus the awesome shadow of the White Mountain, this is the story of a wee walk up Mont Blanc…

Dave Linnett

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